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Thread: Stem Cell Biotherapy - Another warning

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    Default Stem Cell Biotherapy - Another warning

    This site (see link below) gives information for anyone that may wish to pursue a complaint. Cindy, who put the site together after spending all her money on treatment that actually made her worse, has gone to a lot of work to get her story out to the public. As you know, this forum has red flagged Stem Cell Biotherapy aka Cellulogix Intl., aka Progenitix, aka Regenerative Biotherapy for failure to provide certification of purity for the cells they are using on patients. I continue to receive threats from Mr. Nabavi concerning my posts on this forum. He refuses to address the problems I have presented to him and instead says that this forum is not well formatted. To me, this is nothing short of a diversionary tactic and I will not yield to his threats. Obviously, I have some company.
    I urge you to take action if you have had problems with this company.
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    Barb I used you hyperlink they must have closed down the web site I for one would love to hear if they gave me what they had said they did I know I went in blindly trusting them with my life and I do feel like they took my money there was no Dr interviw and no followup in fact I probably did more damge to my health first clue should have been the glitter should have looked past the fancy hotel
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    Bev - The latest word is that all her money was going to be refunded. With this, I am sure there is the usual, "You can no longer have this website, etc." or discuss this with anyone. That is how it has been going with others. If I were you, I would ask for the certification for the cells you were given and with this you should be able to find out what kind of stem cells you got. Now, if for any reason SCB doesn't have this information or refuses to give it to you, then I guess building a website much like the one that was posted here, might be a good way to get someone's attention and have them find your records. Why not? You have a right to know if you got what you were told you would be getting. And if not, you should be asking for a refund too. I unfortunately, did not even get the nice hotel. We were stuck at a hotel without a restaurant or any restaurants nearby. Those without cars, had to call a cab or a pizza company to bring them some food. We hauled quite a few people around in our small RV. Jeannine and I made noise about that and the hotel was changed for those going after we did. I was led to believe that at least 10 other COPD patients had had treatment before me at SCB. Much later I discovered this not to be true. I think Jeannine and I were the first two to be honest and that SCB was just getting started when we went, hence the poor hotel planning.
    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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    I do have to say something. I am not trying to stick up for Stem CellBiotherapy but I have to say that my health improved quite a bit after my treatment.

    Here we are almost two years later and I haven't needed to take antibiotics, prednisone, and no doctor visits either. In fact my pulmonologist's office called me because I haven't gone in for a visit in over 18 months.
    Whatever they gave me did help as my oxygen levels rose, my shortness of breath practically disappeared and my use of rescue inhalers was reduced by 75% and I still only need to use it once a day at best.

    I am starting to feel like the effects are wearing off but it has given me almost two years of improved health. I do believe that the company went downhill a few months after Barb and I received treatment.

    I just wanted to add my 2 cents. And I will tell you that Mr Nabavi did rip off Barb and I of several thousand dollars we had spent on supplements to ship to his patients. After we spent thousands of dollars, he decided he could do this himself and went off and opened his own supplement company leaving us with thousands of dollars worth of supplements which caused considerable financial problems for both of us.
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    Jeannine - We almost died in the process if you recall. I feel that if I had been older and more feeble that I would not have pulled through after what happened to me. I didn't realize any of this until many, many months later when other doctors and scientists were asking why I had any reaction at all and why you and I became ill. This is not normal as we have since found out. The unfortunate part for us is that we were not treated by a doctor that had consulted with us. I seriously doubt if the doctor at the hospital that was doing treatment had any medical information on me at all. Mr. Nabavi was so new at the game (and yet I was told he had much experience) that there was no oxygen available for emergencies. We had to start this forum for lack of any information from him or his office staff. The only one giving us any help was Dr. Feinerman who had set up the protocols for SCB, fully expecting that they would be carried out. I feel that these protocols were not followed and that the cells may have been purchased from a lab that does not certify. This is absolutely nothing I would have known anything about in April, 2007. I did feel quite a bit better after overcoming my initial reactions, but I did not get off of O2 as almost virtually promised by SCB. I felt the need to continue seeking treatment and that is what I have done. In April, 2007, Mr. Nabavi enjoyed being about the only game in town if you needed to drive somewhere and lived in the U.S. or even if you flew but wanted to not have to fly to China or Germany, etc. People who are desperately ill do pay out big bucks when someone offers what SCB was offering. There are now much better clinics, in my opinion, easily reached by car or plane from the U.S. for all kinds of treatments and one can now even have autologous treatment in the U.S. Mr. Nabavi can no longer think he can do business without providing the same things that other reputable clinics do. They certify, they don't claim everyone is going to walk out a well person, they have good pre and post information available. They do not ignore patients when there is a problem. When I felt like I was dying and Mr. Nabavi did not even return my calls, it should have been the writing on the wall for me. However, I did recover, felt immensely better (maybe I got live cells, who knows?) and Dr. Feinerman was a great help to me so I went on with my life spreading the word about stem cell therapy. I am as enthusiastic today about it as I ever was. I think it holds so much promise for so many people and I will not be dampered by individuals like Mr. Nabavi.
    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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