Dr. David Steenblock will be the host of Ask the Doctor for May. If you would like to submit a question for him, please click on Community, then Member List and then B, then Barbara (just plain Barbara) and send me a private message. Deadline for sending a question will be early May so don't delay.

Dr. Steenblock last hosted in 2008 so it will be exciting to learn from him what's new.

A little about Dr. Steenblock -

In his decades of private practice, Dr Steenblock has established himself as a pioneer in many fields of medicine.

He specializes in personalized regenerative medicine which is about matching therapies and treatments to the individual and their unique biochemical, genetic and other characteristics and features as well as that of their particular medical challenges. This requires great diagnostic skills as well as a wealth of knowledge, experience, insight and the courage to explore, experiment and innovate in-office (The latter being historically linked to medical progress). These are the traits, skills and attributes that have characterized Dr. Steenblock and his medical career.