1) I had autologous treatment August 8 and have had good results. However, I've had a low grade headache everyday. Do you know anything about this?

Hi ! If you stopped your blood pressure medicine for some reason, the headaches could indicate high blood pressure. If your blood pressure is 120 or below then that should not be the problem. Low blood sugar from sugar withdrawal or caffeine withdrawal can also cause this as well but usually that headache goes away within two weeks. Finally, this could be due to a detoxification process.

I would recommend going back to your physician and seeing if additional tests are warranted to help the liver remove heavy metals that may have been hiding in the bone. We have observed that several autologous bone marrow treatments help cleanse the body and promote the growth of bone marrow stem cells that are younger and healthier ? even in patients who are 80 years old. This is one of the exciting factors about this work ? it can be used as an anti-aging therapy. However, to reach that youthful vitality again may require a lot of clean up.

2) What's the difference of getting bone marrow extracted and put back in with minimal manipulation and just taking something like G-CSF? You still get circulating stem cells in your blood stream, right? When you do bone marrow extraction do you get more/different types of cells? How do you know what you really get either way?
This is a good question. There are several kinds of stem cells and progenitor cells in the bone marrow. Some of these ? such as the recently discovered "very small embryonic-like stem cell," other primitive progenitor cells (such as the retinal progenitor for the eyes), and the mesenchymal (stromal) stem cells ( these provide growth factors for the joints, cartilage, muscle, skin and neurons), do not circulate much, through the bloodstream.

G-CSF (Neupogen, filgrastim) stimulates the growth and release into the blood of the hematopoietic (CD34+) stem cells, which are multipotent stem cells that make red and white blood cells and platelets while living in the bone marrow but when released into the blood, repair the inner linings of your blood vessels and repair other damaged tissues.

On the other hand, the extraction of all of the bone marrow elements and placing these physically back into the blood stream provides up to a billion or more of the mesenchymal stem cells which normally do not circulate. These mesenchymal (stromal) stem cells upregulate the anti-inflammatory agent called interleukin-10 which almost immediately shuts down inflammation and pain in your body especially pain involving your bones and joints. Thus many patients experience great relief from the pain of arthritis within a day or two of the procedure.

3) You have a reputation as the stroke doctor. Does this include pediatric stroke?

Yes, we have treated a number of children who have suffered a stroke in utero or after delivery. Five and ten years ago, the children were usually treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Now the children are also going to Dr. Ramirez in Tijuana, Mexico for well-tested, safe human umbilical cord stem cells. For the past five years, my research team has been doing follow up interviews with patients who have been treated by Dr. Ramirez and everyone compliments his work.

4) I was looking at one of your websites and wondering why Cerebral Palsy wasn't on the list with the other 57 diseases and ailments treated with adult stem cells. Do they not work for that disease?

This must have been www.bonemarrowstemcelltherapy.com. There are several factors for our not using the bone marrow procedure on children. It is sometimes difficult and painful to insert the IV, children are growing quickly and require optimal levels of bone marrow stem cells and the child's hip is generally more fragile than that of an adult. We have therefore not included children's conditions on the bone marrow list of treatable conditions.

However, on www.stemcelltherapies.org, our website devoted to human umbilical cord stem cells, there is a section on cerebral palsy under Therapy Benefits. After observing the results of over 100 children with cerebral palsy, I would say that the umbilical cord stem cells work the very best of ANY treatment for cerebral palsy. If I were the President of the Cerebral Palsy Association I would be directing all of that money to getting these stem cells legalized as soon as possible for these children. They are truly a miracle for cerebral palsy children and for anyone else with brain white matter disease (such as multiple sclerosis). For adults with cerebral palsy and Multiple Sclerosis, they have the choice of either the bone marrow stem cell treatment or the cord stem cells or a combination of the treatments. The combination gives the best results.

5) My child (6 years old, has CP) had an umbilical cord stem cell transplant July 3 of this year. Do you recommend HBOT treatments at anytime post treatment? If so, when and why?

Stem cells can be killed or changed into fat cells by too much oxygen. They like to live and grow in areas, such as the bone or in injured tissues, where there is not much oxygen present. However, when the stem cells begin to divide into progenitor cells and then into functional cells (muscle cells, neurons, bone cells, liver cells, etc.), they require more oxygen. This need for oxygen drives them to release blood vessel growth factors which encourage the growth of new blood vessels into the damaged tissues. If you give hyperbaric oxygen at this time this process of stimulating new blood vessels will be lost and you will damage or destroy the positive growth of tissues you are wanting to achieve. This process can take up to six months to finish so unless it is really necessary, I would say it is better for the growing tissue to not get hyperbaric oxygen during this time.

Sometimes I do use hyperbaric after stem cells but for this situation - the patient may be in such trouble (acute stroke) that I need to treat with the oxygen to decrease swelling or for some other reason. In these situations, the patient is given another stem cell treatment. Most of this is from my personal observations and more research is definitely needed in determining safe oxygen levels for stem and progenitor cells.

6) I know from your website that you are promoting autologous stem cell therapy. Have there been any new developments in the past 2 years in umbilical cord blood derived stem cell therapies?

Yes. If you would like to request our latest umbilical cord stem cell newsletter, please email us at cordstemcells@gmail.com. Our newsletters provide recent research in this field.

In addition, medical research supports the benefits of mesenchymal stem cells being used with CD34+ cells. It takes 4 to 8 of the mesenchymal stem cells to help support CD34+ function. The addition of the autologous bone marrow treatments allow us to give up to a billion of your own mesenchymal stem cells. This procedure, combined with the umbilical cord stem cell treatment in Mexico is getting better results, especially with tough cases. This research will be in a future newsletter.

7) How should someone prepare for treatment? Is there anything they should avoid before treatment? Anything they can do before treatment to encourage the success of treatment?

Prior to treatment, the body should be free of infections, inflammation and excess levels of toxic heavy metals. The "DMSA or DMPS challenge tests" are used to ascertain the level of heavy metals in a person's system. Appropriate chelating agents are then used that bind with the metals and carry them safely out of the body.

I usually tell people that the body needs to be as clean as you would want a pregnant woman to be whose stem cells are helping to create new life. Whether you are having a stem cell treatment for an injury, a disease or for longevity purposes, you are potentially creating new tissue, new beginnings, and a new life of vitality and health for yourself.

8) My daughter had uc treatment for CP. No Mann itol was used for her. They did draw some of her blood after inserting the IV, "spin out" the platelets from the blood and then put the platelets back into her IV bag with saline. They said that would help open up the blood brain barrier. No drugs were involved. What are your thoughts on this?

There are several benefits to this platelet procedure. The platelets are rich in the child's own growth factors that can cross the blood-brain barrier (without opening up the barrier to toxins or bacteria) and stimulate the growth of new neurons in the brain. The growth factors also help the stem cells grow and divide. They may also help dissolve some of the scar tissue, allowing new nerve growth across previously injured areas. The mannitol can still be used but to be effective needs to be put directly into the brain via an arterial catheter.

9) How do you decide if someone should have autologous or umbilical cord stem cell therapy if the disease they have could possibly be improved by either? Is it cost, safety, experience or what?

For children, the human umbilical cord stem cells are preferred. Adults require more stem cells and more frequently. They have a choice of either using their own bone marrow stem cells or having the umbilical cord stem cells. The cost is often the deciding factor as to which treatment a person has.

The umbilical cord stem cells are well tested and processed and are therefore more expensive that the non-manipulated bone marrow procedure. However, for severe cases, the combination of a person's own stem cells plus the umbilical cord derived stem cells generally offers greater benefit.

In addition to the bone marrow transplant, a treatment with more vials of umbilical cord stem cells and a variety of the stem cells can often provide better results. There can also be improvments to these combinations with the addition of growth factors and other factors that support stem cell growth and division.

10) Does the effectiveness of stem cell therapy increase when one is under 30-35 years - therefore having greater regenerative abilities and closer to the date of the20disease onset? This is with reference to moderate COPD with or without emphysema.

Generally, age is important because the younger person may produce more growth factors. However, the exciting thing we are seeing is that with detoxification programs and frequent bone marrow treatments, even older bodies (70 and 80+ years of age) are responding to the therapies by creating younger, stronger and healthier stem cells. This laboratory data is currently being analyzed further.

About Dr. Steenblock

David A. Steenblock, M.S., D.O. has a Masters of Science degree in Biochemistry from Iowa State University and received his medical degree from the College of Osteopathic Medicine in Des Moines, Iowa.

Dr. Steenblock's clinic in Mission Viejo, California specializes in Personalized Regenerative Medicine. This pioneering work provides comprehensive programs in neurological and cardiovascular disorders that include using your own bone marrow stem cells for tissue repair. Dr. Steenblock works with physicians throughout the world in creating safe and effective regenerative therapies for neurological patients.

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Dr. Steenblock is also Founder of the Steenblock Research Institute, a 501 (c) 3 corporation in the state of California. Currently, the Institute is following the results of patients who have undergone autologous bone marrow transplants from Dr. Steenblock's clinic as well as the results of those who have had human umbilical cord stem cell treatments in Mexico

The Institute is also planning a clinical trial in the U.S. to determine the safety of using autologous bone marrow stem cells to treat osteoarthritis.

Dr. Steenblock's latest book, written with Anthony Payne, Ph.D. is "Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy."

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