Some of you may have watched Dr. Oz's expose on stem cell clinics yesterday. Montel Williams was practically in tears claiming patients are being preyed upon. All stem cell clinics were lumped into one basket. It was honestly quite pathetic in my opinion, especially after I learned of Dr. Oz's Big Pharma ties and Montel's own investments in alternative treatments. Neither Oz nor Williams is responding to the comments posted on their FaceBook or Twitter accounts. Where's the transparency? ISSCR was represented on the show. We all know where they stand.

Paul Knoepfler suddenly found a new best friend in Dr. Oz. Knoepfler also played the safety card on Twitter, completely ignoring the thousands of published studies on adult stem cells and patient testimonials. Leigh Turner, the associate professor/bioethicist genius wasn't quite so generous as he Tweeted "Pot exposes kettle". Knoepfler's own blog was full of comments that I'm surprised he posted as many were not favorable to his side of the fence. I will not post the link to his blog as he thrives on traffic counts to it.

The next expose should be on why is the media so overwrought with the subject of stem cell clinics? Who is behind this media push? Paul Knoepfler and Leigh Turner's flawed study got more attention than a televised all nude Swedish volleyball competition would get. It's beyond the pale that all of these conflicted people wish to tell us how to live our lives. If you go to a clinic in the U.S., you have options if there is a problem. If you choose to go outside the U.S., there may be more risks, but there are still some fantastic clinics doing excellent work offshore. Just do your research! This type of media hysteria is doing no one any good. Frankly, I'm very disappointed in Dr. Oz and Montel Williams for using their celebrity like this.

Here's a preview: