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Thread: 9th Installment - 10 Questions with Dr. Jeff Peimer

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    Default 9th Installment - 10 Questions with Dr. Jeff Peimer

    This month's installment is 10 member submitted questions answered by Dr. Jeff Peimer.
    Dr. Peimur has hosted ask the Doctor for us in the past, and we thank him again for his graciousness in answering our questions.

    1) I was told by the first clinic I was going to that I couldn't even have the tiniest cut when I went for treatment as the stem cells head for the site in your body that needs repair. Would you please comment?

    Stem cells migrate to points in the body where chemicals are excreted from damaged tissue. It is theorised that, if cells are injected, that they will migrate anywhere and, if you have acute damage like a cut, the cells will go to repair this. This might mean that less cells will be available to repair the damage they were intended for.

    2) (This question was answered in May also, but it is a good one that we would like your comment on also). What do you think of delivering stem cells to the lungs via nebulizer? Do you think it would work better than IV as that goes to other parts of the body also? (This nebulizing treatment would be uc cells for a booster for COPD treatment).

    Nebulisation has been attempted for some drugs, like antibiotics, with varying results and none good enough for clinical use. Inhalation is akin to intravenous uptake, but the method of nebulisation will lead to unpredictable dosing since some cells will disappear in the vapour breathed out into the air and be wasted. The method will probably also damage cells resulting in lower dosing. I do not understand why the question relates to a booster dose - maybe you can explain why this is important.

    3) Your recent information concerning the licensing done by the Seychelles government for you - Is this specifically because you want to do stem cell treatment there or is it a general license required for all those practicing medicine in the Seychelles? How did you decide on the Seychelles other than the absolute beauty of the place?

    We were approached by the Seychelles government since they have close ties to South Africa. Our licensing is for import and export of cells as well as treatment on the island. This is really great for us since the government is supporting this initiative. We will also be starting an anti-aging and beauty clinic on the island.

    4) How are the cells you are using isolated and where is the lab located? Do you certify the cells as being disease free?

    Our cells are umbilical cord and, at present we are still deciding on a supplier to the Seychelles. Every company that supplies cells will test for all relevant diseases and provide a certificate of analysis that guarantees this - it is standard practice. The appointed supplier will have to operate a GMP laboratory, which by this accreditation, ensures patient safety.

    5) Do you feel that COPD is an auto immune disease. If so, why doesn't the medical profession treat it in that manner. If you agree that it is an autoimmune disease, how do you treat it with stem cells?

    I have not found any info that relates COPD to innate causes other than the genetic disorder Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. Incidentally, I live in the city with the highest incidence of COPD in the world related to smoking, TB and occupational exposure. Mesenchymal stem cells, which have immune-attenuating function, have shown pulmonary uptake and are used by Regenecell.

    6) What types of side effects can be experienced post-stem cell treatment? What is normal and what isn't?

    There should be no side-effects from umbilical cord stem cells. Sometimes patients feel restless shortly after and then sleepy a few hours after. Mesenchymal cells can give a small transient rise in blood pressure.

    7) Are you aware of any supplements that can assist post stem cell treatment?

    It's always good to take supplements since our food is so nutritionally poor, but I do not know of anything specific for COPD. I have always stated that my experience lies in stem cell therapy and not in the diseases that I treat. What I mean by this is that I cannot give you any more help with your COPD (or MS, Parkinson's etc) in mainstream medicine than your own doctor can, but I can comment utilising my experience with stem cells.

    It has been found that omega 6 is inflammatory and should not be used - rather use high doses (1-2g per day) of omega 3 from a reliable source: deep water North Atlantic salmon. I also recommend organic, food state multivitamins with anti-oxidants and plant sterols - Amway Double-X fits the criteria nicely.

    8) Aren't some treatments little more than an anti-aging treatment? I cannot see how some clinics seem to treat every disease there is. I am just not convinced that they are not out just for the money.

    The reasons for patients undergoing treatments are confidential and I believe that no patient should be turned away. I do not know inclusion criteria for other clinics. Patients who approach Regenecell are advised of previous results and current clinical thinking regarding their condition. This leads to one of two possible outcomes: we either advise the patient to study the info we provide on the treatment of their condition and let them make an informed decision, or we advise them that stem cell treatment has never shown to be effective. In certain circumstances the patients have exhausted all options and are desperate, which results in a very sensitive situation and one which has to be treated on its own merits.

    9) Are you treating macular degeneration or any eye diseases at this time? If not, is this something you will try in the future?

    We are treating macular degeneration with intravenous and intrathecal stem cells and have had good responses in patients who present with some vision retention. Retro-bulbar injections have been used by some companies using autologous cells, but no definitive results are out yet.

    10) What do you think has been the most significant thing you have discovered about stem cell therapy in the past year? It seems everyday there is a new press release telling the world about a new discovery in the stem cell world.

    I am most impressed by the fact that a few legitimate stem cell treatment companies have seemed to gravitate to using the same dosing, cells and procedures. This must mean that we are all finding the same results and basing our treatments on the same scientific principles. This is a good sign for the future.

    Dr. Jeff Peimer
    MBChB (UCT)
    Medical Consultant

    Regenecell is a global leader in the therapeutic use of cord blood stem cells. Treatment is delivered by registered allopathic medical practitioners guided by strict protocols. The procedure is safe, and is often the preferred choice versus autologous treatment (using your own cells) or those provided by a family member who has recently given birth.

    With Regenecell Stem Cell Treatment, no immune system ablation (destruction) occurs, and no use is made of chemotherapy, steroids or antibiotics. It is also a relatively undemanding process where the patient receives the stem cells for about two hours a day over four days by transfusion. In certain cases, patients can also receive stem cells intrathecally (lumbar puncture).

    Treatment is evaluated on a per-case basis, and patients considered for treatment include: Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson?s Disease, Heart Disease and Stroke.

    Regenecell currently treats in this location:
    • Mumbai, India. This centre is suited to those closer to India, and who need only the intravenous treatment.
    For additional information, visit their website
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