HELLO FOLKS !! I JUST POSTED THIS on "THE NICHE" to support our J.Zeigler's comment on "https://www.ipscell.com/2016/03/cons-outweigh-potential-pros-to-bpc-plan-on-stem-cells-fda/"


On your statement below...

""Moreover, when you take out patient funding, it removes my concern that patients, many of whom are technically unable make highly informed decisions given all the variables, can be taken advantage of out of desperation.""

I am not sure what social level you belong to or what Stonehenge men applauded your low intellect as brilliance personified....your statements are rank below-stupid and insulting to patients and families who often make many months, if not years, of elaborate efforts to talk to doctors, other patients, consult literature and strive to verify online information before they make an informed decision to step into a private stem cell clinic, often times after exhausting all options. You have the nerve to insult all these folks, even as they go through failure after failure of FDA-approved "safe & effective" drugs AKA poisons. Or would you rather think it is perfectly justified if FDA-approved clinical trials inject 5 billion stem cells into children brains or push through snake oil charlatan treatments as evident in the Autism trial. Is that "informed content" for your academic types?