This is a new forum for those who are frustrated that their comments are blocked by moderators on blogs, comment sections on news articles and social media sites. The number one complaint that I get is for a blog called "The Niche". In no way is it the only one but it is way ahead of the rest.

The rules here are that you can post your comments that have been blocked by other sites as long as you post the link to the article/site where your comment was blocked and copy and paste a shot of the page that states, "Your comment is awaiting moderation" or whatever appears after you try to comment. We will not allow any comments that contain profanity or remarks so derogatory that even a first grader would understand why they were blocked. There is really no reason for moderators however, to simply block what they don't want to hear or that they disagree with. That's what this new forum is for.

Personally, I hope there are no posts in this forum as I think the practice of censoring and blocking legitimate comments is unprofessional. If you are willing to accept comments by those who agree with your stance, you should also be willing to accept comments from those who disagree as long as they stay within the boundaries of common decency. However, I know with certainty that what I hope is not reality. I've been blocked/censored myself many times for simply asking a few questions or putting forth my opinion.